Programs and Services

Sather Tower at UC Berkeley



    1. Academic, Financial Aid, VA Benefits, Personal
    2. Counseling and Psychological Services
    3. College of Letters and Science
    4. Readjustment Counseling with Dr. Kathleen Pierce, VA Psychologist from the Oakland Vet Center
      1. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pierce call: (510) 763-3904
    5. Prospetive Students

Peer Advising

    1. Front Desk Peer Advisors
    2. Veteran Outreach Peer Advisors (VOPAs) 

Community Room

    1. Space to study and relax, computers, printing, refrigerators, microwave, coffee, phone charging

Study Room

    1. Access to space when the building is open (there are times room is unavailable due to classes and meetings)

Education 198 Course: Veteran in Higher Education


Partnerships with student veteran and alumni groups 

Partnerships with on and off-campus organizations and resources


To initiate VA Education Benefits, the School Certifying Official requires the following documentation be submitted to them.  Documentation required depends on the education benefit you use:

  • All Students Veteran Services Intake Form 

  • Chapters 30, 33, and 1607 - Certificate of Eligibility (COE) 

  • Chapter 1607 - Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) 

  • Chapter 31 Authorization - Ensure your VRE Case Manager submits your Purchase Order through the Tungsten System

  • Cal Vet College Fee Letter - Authorization Letter 

All students (with the exception of Chapter 33 and Cal Vet Fee Waiver) are required to initiate their benefits or update their file with the VA, which can be done on: This is the equivalent of forms 22-1990, 22-1995, and 22-5495.

Documents may be submitted directly to Purvis Gills, School Certifying Official,, or Luis Hernandez, CVSC Program Coordinator,


FALL 2023 

Ethnic Studies 198: Independent Students in Higher Education: Veterans

One unit Pass/Not Pass

Instructor and Course Coordinator: Luis HernandezRon Williams, and Riva Szostkowski

Date and Time: Thursday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: 102 Hearst Memorial Gym

Course: #21512

This course is designed to acclimate veterans to the opportunities and expectations of student life at UC Berkeley. Learn to maximize benefits and make the best transition to the Cal academic experience. This class affords the opportunity to connect with other new and experienced Cal veterans to gain insights and strategies for working with issues that are often different from the traditional student experience.