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The Cal Veteran Services Center ensures that admitted UC Berkeley students understand how to successfully manage the transition, navigate the research university, and fully engage in the university experience. We are pleased to welcome and serve this growing and thriving community at Cal.

Fall 2017 Transfer Admission Webinar Workshops

Office of Undergraduate Admissions & Cal Veteran Services Center

Focus: Military affiliated personnel and veterans

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Cal Veteran Services Center hosted a number of webinars in late summer and early fall of 2017 to assist U.S. military personnel and veterans in understanding our admissions process, how to apply to UC Berkeley, and how to become a stronger applicant in a selective admissions process. Please click on the links below to view recorded webinar or scroll below to find webinar.

Applying to the College of Letters and Science

Applying to the College of Natural Resources

Applying to the Haas School of Business

Applying to the College of Chemistry

Applying to the College of Engineering

The following two webinars will take place on the respective dates.  Please click the link to RSVP.

Applying to the College of Environmental Design - September 27th, 1:30 - 3:00PM

How to Write an Effective Response to the P.I.Qs September 28th, 2:30 - 4:30PM

All students applying to UC Berkeley are held to the same academic standards.  The overwhelming majority of undergraduate student veterans come to UC Berkeley as transfer students from California community colleges.  As such, we encourage you to plan early and make use of resources available to you such as your community college counselor,, and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions' military applicant page.  In addition to those resources, the Cal Veteran Services Center provides the following resources to all prospective student veterans:


The Cal Veteran Services Center provides advising to prospective undergraduate student veterans.  We assist student veterans through email, phone, web chat, and in-person meetings.

Peer Advising

Current student veterans are able to provide information and a first hand perspective of their experience applying to Cal.  Additionally, they are able to provide insight on what it is like to be a current student veteran at Cal.

Applying as a transfer student

Students who complete any higher education coursework after graduating from high school must apply as a transfer student.  Applying as a transfer student requires that you complete all necessary course work for your intended major and college by the end of the Spring semester prior to the academic year you begin at UC Berkeley.  Transfer students do not need to submit SAT/ACT scores.

applying as a freshman student

Student veterans applying for freshman admission must apply using their high school transcripts to fulfill current academic requirements, which can be found here.  Please be aware that depending on your graduation location and date, the coursework you completed may not fulfill these requirements.  Additionally, freshman applicants must submit SAT or ACT scores.

Important Dates

Application available.............................August 1
Filing period...........................................November 1-30
SAT test deadline....................................December 31
Application deadline........................November 30
Berkeley notifies applicants of                                                        
receipt of application............................Early January
Freshman decisions posted...................End of March*
Transfer decisions posted.....................End of April*
Submit Intent to Register                                                            
Admitted Freshman Deadline
...............May 1
Submit Intent to Register                                                        
Admitted Transfer Deadline
.................June 1

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Financial Aid

We encourage Veterans to file for financial aid if you will need additional aid during the academic year or while you are waiting for your VA educational benefits to arrive. 

The Financial Aid and Scholarships
The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office works closely with students to make a UC Berkeley education an affordable reality. At Berkeley, we are proud to say that nearly everyone is eligible for financial aid.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office works closely with students to make an invaluable UC Berkeley education an affordable reality. At UC Berkeley, the majority of students receive some form of financial aid. Nearly two-thirds of undergraduate students qualify for financial aid. 

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Helpful Student Veteran Information

Remain motivated and determined to use your talents and strengths to the best of your ability. Create a network of counselors and faculty who can provide guidance and support as you make progress and excel at the community college and encourage you to apply to UC Berkeley or other four year educational institutions. A great way to achieve this is through our Starting Point Mentorship Program that partners you with a Cal Veteran who recently transitioned from community college to UC Berkeley themselves.  Through that resource, you can learn about the additional services available to Cal Veterans on campus and in our community, and get a better sense of the vibrant student veteran community here at Cal. Even if things don't progress quite as planned, certainly don't give up your dream if you have one bad semester or year. Strive to learn from circumstances that impacted your academic studies and be certain to address that in your personal statement.

Above all, please note that we highly value your service for our country and recognize the additional life and professional skills you would bring to our university community. One of the best ways to showcase these skills and experiences is through the personal statement as part of the undergraduate application process, so in addition to a strong academic record, please recognize the importance and value of that document as part of your application package

Student Veteran Advocate within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
In addition the the staff of the Cal Veteran Services Center, UC Berkeley has a veterans advocate within the Office of Undergraduate admissions:

Esperanza Bernal (510) 642-7002, Assistant Director and Veterans Advocate, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

"America's veterans embody the ideals upon which America was founded more than 229 years ago."
- Steve Buyer